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2018 Scholarship ProgramScholarship opportunity with Hawaiian Turfgrass

Our 2018 scholarship program wass about “Giving Back.

Scholarship Winner 2018

Name Institute Submission Link
Winner Celester Horton University of Houston Click to read


About our Scholarship Program

The scholarship program will award one student with $500.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Our Scholarship Program is open to all students in the USA
  • The student must be able to verify current standing as a student

How to apply for our Scholarship Program

Please include following details with your application:

  • Name and Contact Details (Phone Number, Address)
  • Name of Your School
  • Scan/picture of your student ID Card (or any proof of being a student)
  • Essay in Doc, Docx, PDF, or RTF Format
  • (optional) Your Resume/CV

Official Rules and Topic

Every participant must follow all the rules specified below for successful inclusion in the scholarship:

  • Write a 600+ words essay on one of the following topics:
    • One of the ways Hawaiian Turfgrass is giving back to the community is through opportunities like the scholarship.  How do you plan to give back to the community?
    • Future of grass industry in Hawaii.
  • (Optional) Infographic of the essay
  • Reason for applying for the scholarship
  • Send it our email hawaiianturfgrassscholarship@gmail.com
  • One student will be rewarded $500 scholarship.

Deadline to ApplyJuly 31, 2018

Winner will be announced in August 2018 (target date is August 15th) and it will be published on this page.

*Please note: We reserve the right to accept or reject any application for not following the specified guidelines.
We reserve the right to change the terms of this scholarship for any reason.


Celester Horton

July 26, 2018

Hawaiian Turfgrass Scholarship Essay

Community Service

The moment I saw those with their hand-written cardboard sign, oversized shirt clinging in places that shouldn’t, and shoes that were nearly dismembered, I knew there had to be something I could do. And there was. For the past ten years, I’ve volunteered at the New Deliverance Church Refuged Ministries called Second Chance that helps the homeless and drug addicts. The program is located on the outside the heart of Houston, Texas. My duties included prepping and serving food to the homeless during the holidays, sorting and providing clothes to those who need it, traveled to the inner city to transport homeless people to our sheltered facility, and assisted in providing services for those who needed help transitioning to the workplace. As a volunteer with the New Deliverance Second Chance Refuge Ministries, I’ve seen Mr. Hayes completely transformed with a new wardrobe, Chelsea and her three children going back to school, Mr. Roberts’s quitting drugs, Ms. Mary getting her first job in 10 months, and little Abraham taking his first steps. This is completely different than an average shelter. People lives are completely change from being a part of Second Chance Ministries, and I want to do the same.

As for myself, I love to be a part of something greater that allows me to help others. Along with volunteering, I lead my church’s youth praise dance group. On Tuesday’s of every week, I choreograph dances and teach them to the younger girls and young adults. Whether it is an upbeat song or a soothing ballad, getting the girls involved and helping them brings me joy and purpose. Many of the younger girl have become as family to me and I treat them as younger sisters. I love helping others and seeing the best in people. I am also a member of my church’s Visual Media Department. I assist in designing banners and flyers for upcoming events. I also help monitor our church’s social media pages, post pictures and images, and edit their website information to ensure it is up to date.

The community service accomplishment that I am most proud of is the work I did to help assist those who suffered from the tragic event of last year storm, Hurricane Harvey. Due to the damage that beset over our city, many men, women, and children were displaced. In many instance, some shelters were overcrowded with people. New Deliverance Ministries reached out to Houstonians and traveled to overpopulated shelters and open their sanctuary to those in need. I greeted those who walked in the doors in droves, with dry clothes, warm food, and a place to lay their heads.  The look of gratitude and solace excreted from families faces made everything worth it.

The impact that volunteering has had on me has been an eye-opening experience. I realize that the simplest task or a small of act of kindness can bring someone a tremendous amount of joy.  By assisting in prepping meals for the needing and delivering food to those on the streets, I have gain a wider perspective on those struggling to survive. My interest in helping people who are displaced on the streets has intensified, and I really want to do more. I believe this scholarship will allow me to do that. With the extra support, I can further my education for pursuing teaching to help students who families may be struggling. I can influence students and their loved ones to prosper and succeed. I hope to continue my service in helping my church’s program and give back to others.